Implementing an LVCD project: five ways to get help

  1. Register your project on the LVCD website.

The first essential step is to register your project, when you register, we will know you’re out there and working on LVCD.

Once you’re registered, we’ll reach out to you on regular basis with updates on new tools and resources.  And, we will make sure your work gets noticed by capturing your project in our project stories and global statistics.

  1. Want connections to other LVCD projects?

Contact Ingrid Richardson or Susan Wesley to be introduced to other people in your region who are implementing the LVCD project model.

  1. Want training on the LVCD project model?

Find out more about the eLVCD University here and register your interest in participating in the next course by contacting Mark Harwood.

Or, if you’re interested in organising in-person training, contact Ingrid Richardson.

  1. Want to participate in regular discussions about LVCD and Economic Development globally?

Sign up for the Market Development Interest Group by contact Dan Norell.

  1. Want to receive regular information from the Resilience & Livelihoods Community of Practice?

Sign up for the Resilience & Livelihoods Community Update by contacting  Mark Hammersley (Resilience & Livelihoods CoP Coordinator) or Archie Utedzi (Resilience & Livelihoods Program Support Officer).

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