Designing, Monitoring, Evaluating


 Design Tools

This tip sheet is for you if you have struggled to differentiate activity from output from outcome from goal; needed a quick way to identify if something is an activity versus an output; struggled to find the language to express and activity/output/outcome.

 Monitoring Tools

The Tool captures information about:

  • Group formation: records group location, members, leadership, management
  • Training: records training courses provided, group members attending, partners involved
  • Exposure visits: records visits made, group members attending, partners involved
  • Trade fairs: records fairs held, number of people attending, partners involved
  • Individual and group sales prices, costs of production, productivity (yield), volume produced and sold

Why use these tools?

The LVCD Activity Monitoring Tool and Producer Group Monitoring Tool allows us to demonstrate

  • what we, WV, have done;
  • how the donor’s money has been spent;
  • the extent to which the project is on track by showing what has and has not been done;
  • identify problems, as they’re happening
  • identify progress and early success
  • demonstrate progress toward Outcomes

The Buyer, Transport, Finance Contact Database allows us to

  • Keep records about the value chain actors that we’re working with
  • Compare costs, prices, quality specifications that are offered by buyers, transporters, finance providers

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