Implementing an LVCD Project



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The LVCD Handbook provides step-by-step guidance to the five phases of LVCD, from Phase 1: Preparation to Phase 5: Scale up & Evaluation.   The Handbook has practical instructions, tips and tools for project staff and Market Facilitators. This is the primary document for implementation advice and guidance. LVCD project staff should become familiar with this document at the
outset of the project.

 Phase 1: Preparation

1.1 WV’s LVCD Philosophy

1.2 Understand why LVCD is suitable: Smart Subsidies Resource

1.3 Understand your role as a Market Facilitator: Market Facilitation Detailed Position Description (six pages)

 Phase 2: Participatory product scoping, selection and analysis

2.1 Select Products

2.2 Analyse products using Participatory Value Chain Analysis

Examples of Situation Analysis and Value Chain Analysis reports from World Vision projects

2.4 Begin identifying possible partner organisations

Phase 3:  Mobilising and Building the Capacity of Producer Groups

The Integrating Extremely Poor Producers into Markets Field Guide: is a comprehensive toolkit which complements Phases 3 and 4 of the LVCD project  cycle.  It provides tools for working with producer groups. to help them build horizontal and vertical linkages, deal with trust issues and address major challenges.

3.1 Engaging with Producer Groups

3.2 Design Action Plans for Producer Groups

3.3 Collect baseline information about producers and products

3.4 Plan Training for Producer Groups

 Phase 4:  Facilitating Market Change

4.1 Build relationships with Training and Service Providers

4.2 Build relationships with Value Chain Actors

Examples of Action Plans from World Vision Projects

Phase 5: Scale Up and Learning

 Gender Tools and Resources

Incorporating gender into indicators, monitoring and evaluating

Training Manuals

Gender and Value Chain Resources

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